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Special Pieces

This page contains a variety of Shillelaghs which do not fit comfortably into any existing category. All items listed are "one-off" and once sold it is unlikely that another similar item will become available again. All items are sold on a first come first serve basis and we cannot fulfil orders for a stick once it has been purchased.

 Monster Fighting Club

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This Monster Fighting Club weighs 1300g and has a head circumference of 13.5"

The shaft diameter is 1.3" - 1.5" and it has a 33 " length.

It is lead loaded.

100A - $250 plus $50 shipping

Rugged Battle Club

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This rugged battle club is 825g in weight, 33" long and has a shaft diameter of 1.2". 

It is lead loaded and has a uniquely formed head. 

100B - $250  plus $50 shipping 

Pistol Grip Walking Stick

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This pistol grip walking stick with its distinctive kink  weighs 735g and is not lead loaded .

It is 38" in length with a 1.2"+ shaft diameter and a substantial 10.5" head circumference. It is suitable for a left handed user.

100C - $150 plus $50 shipping

 Glossy Hiking Stick

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This hiking stick is 42" in length.

It weighs 890g and has a shaft diameter of 1.5" .  It is lead loaded and finished in a high gloss varnish.

100D -$185 plus $60 shipping

Chunky Battle Club

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This chunky battle club  measures 27" in length. It weighs 915g and is lead loaded. The shaft diameter is 1.5"  It is finished in a low lustre matt varnish. 

100E - $175  plus $35 shipping

Handle Grip Walking Stick

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This handle grip walking stick is 41" in length but can be trimmed to 37" without disturbing the balance .  It weighs 940g and has a 1.2" shaft diameter.

It it a perfect fit in the right hand and usable in the left hand.

It is lead loaded and finished in a low maintenance matt varnish.

100F - $225 plus $50-$60 shipping

Unique Double Loaded Fighting Stick

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This unique fighting stick is 31" long with a weight of 600g and a 1"+ shaft diameter. 

It is lead loaded both ends and finished in matt varnish.

100G- $225 plus $50 shipping